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Thanatos Bestattung is an alternative funeral home in Berlin. We are part of a movement that would like to give back the burial of the dead to their relatives. A funeral does not have to be an experience of powerlessness that washes over you, but it can be a self-determined, empowering event that you remember in a positive way.

A special focus of our work is the burial of angel children (children died before, during or directly after birth) as well as people who have taken their own lives.

Three Things that are Important for us During Burial:
  • The relatives can be involved at every step of the funeral
  • A good treatment of the dead
  • Transparency in pricing policy

Being Involved in Every Step of the Burial

We encourage the relatives to be involved in the journey of the deceased step by step, from the deathbed to the grave and in this way taking ownership of the burial. It is possible, for example, to dress the deceased together, to go with them to the crematorium and to see the coffin as it enters the furnace. There is always enough time available, only when you can, will the next step be done.

A Good Treatment of the Dead

Attention to the dead is a core part of our work. We deal with the dead bodies the way we would deal with living ones, namely mindfully and lovingly. Our care of the dead is not a technical, cosmetic procedure, but a careful looking after. Most of the time, we only wash the face and hands of the deceased, dress them in fresh clothes and prepare a pillow and blanket for them in the coffin. We always offer the relatives the chance to help with the care of the deceased and in this way, say goodbye to the dead body. If the relatives do not want to or cannot be present, we can also tell them how their dead looked and what impression they made to us. In most cases, this explanation is comforting for the relatives. 

Transparency in Pricing Policy

A funeral costs money. It is important to us that all costs are clear and understandable at all times. In order for the relatives to have any real freedom of choice regarding the costs, wie always clarify which services and products are really necessary, how much they cost and what alternatives there are. More details on pricing are describes under the headline Prices.

Funeral Home Berlin


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